Friday, June 19, 2009

Thesis Complete...except for the defense...

I sent the last portion of my thesis off to the committee yesterday. A HUGE weight has been lifted. I have struggled with writing this thing for a year, and it is finally completed. I still have work to do. I have to re-format it for publication and I am sure there will be changes to make following the defense. But, for one weekend, it is done! I can't wait to finish it.

After I defend next Friday, June 26, I will have to revise it before sending it to the Dean for style editing. That is due July 3rd. My parents will be in Washington DC for the weekend and have invited Roger and I to stay with them on the 4th. We are excited to spend that weekend in DC...then a Nats game on the 5th. I have so much to look forward to.

So this weekend is supposed to be HOT! (near 100). I think we will get some work done on the apartment, then hit the beach! Yeah, beach!!

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