Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Stressful Times

These are stressful times for me. The move to our new apartment has coincided with the finishing touches of my thesis. I have been juggling the two with limited success.

My thesis is almost complete. I need a conclusion and the bibliography and some last revisions on Chapter 3. I will be glad to get this thing completed. But, I'm not done then. I have to defend my thesis to my committee, most likely the afternoon of June 26th. I have to format the thesis for the style editors and turn it into the Dean's office by July 2nd. That is not too far away. I think I'll get it done. I am worried that Avi will never be fully pleased with my paper and won't want to pass me, although I think he will. I am also worried about presenting my argument to the committee and being able to answer their questions intelligently. Argh! I cannot wait for this to be done!

Moving has also been interesting. A week ago, we rented the truck from storage and moved over all the stuff we could handle, well mostly what Roger could handle. I had a cold and it was hot and humid and I had to take many breaks. Today, we hired movers to bring over our big and heavy furniture and the boxes of books. I'm glad not to have to deal with trying to get solid wood sideboards and a huge-ass dresser up to the second floor. I am looking forward to having all our stuff in the apartment, even though I have no idea when it will all get unpacked and put away. Roger is going to the laundromat today while I do more writing. Luckily, he is a domestic god and eagerly steps in to help out.

So, while I am not sleeping well, I feel okay. I never seem to be able to put the thesis and the mess in the apartment totally out of my mind. I know when this is all over, in about 2 weeks, I will feel much better.

Oh, one bright note, we are going camping at First Landing State Park with the Schriders and some friends of theirs this weekend. I can't wait for the break! We camp near the beach...what could be more perfect?

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Anonymous said...

It appears you two will be ready for some fun in DC. See you there.