Friday, January 23, 2009

Work Spaces

This is my home work space. As you can see it is cluttered with the things that are going on in my life. I like it though. I can look out the window and at pictures of my grandkids while I work. The embroidered pillows on the floor were made by my Grandma Schmid. They are made with wool which I am allergic to, but enjoy looking at them before I get to work. The lamp on my desk was Grandma's as well. I like to keep elements of people I love close by. I have the Einstein family picture in view. I have presents from Nikki all around (I especially love the Indigo Girls poster above my computer). I have rocks on my says create, the other says focus. I play with them when I am stuck (which is more often than I like to admit). I am cleaning up my desk today, but wanted to take the picture the way it is most often...messy!
Roger's office is in the bedroom. He has a large monitor. He also has some clutter going. He was analyzing data when this picture was taken. He has since cleaned up his desk, too. He is writing now, so papers with tables for his dissertation are all over. This must have been after noon as there is no coffee cup in sight.

Working from home can be difficult. Although, cancelling the cable has made it somewhat easier for me. I have an office at school, but fail to get work done there as I am interrupted by colleagues and friends, and I would rather visit than work. So, we work at home in these spaces.

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