Friday, January 23, 2009

Plugging Along

We are just plugging along. Roger is diligently finishing his dissertation. I am finding the focus and working on my thesis. We spend a lot of time either at school or doing schoolwork. It seems to be working for us thus far.

Last night we met up with Juliet for a celebratory beer for her 26th birthday. We haven't seen her in quite awhile. I baked her some homemade chocolate chip cookie bars. They turned out yummy. I miss baking sometimes. I know Roger would be fine if I baked things he couldn't eat, but I would feel bad. It was nice to have an occasion to do some baking, but it is not good for me to bake often anyway. Juliet works for the FBI so we had a lot of interesting things to talk about. There was a nice band playing at Borjo. They were in need of some sound mixing for some good balance. They played Lou Reed and The Band...nice.

Tonight we are going out to dinner with one of my friends from school, Wendy, and her husband. It is fun to meet new people. But, as Wendy said on Facebook, I've been here for 7 years and we are just becoming friends, and we are leaving soon...that sucks! A big part of me wishes we could stay here in Virginia, but another part of me is ready for the adventure of somewhere new. It will be nice to start in a new town for both Roger and I. We can build our community together.

Weekend plans involve, you guessed it, schoolwork. And Burn After Reading and Mad Men and roast beef. Sounds okay to me.

Happy Weekend!

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