Saturday, January 24, 2009

New Restaurant, New Friends and Graduation Preparations

We enjoyed a new (at least new to us) restaurant last night, Press 626 Cafe and Wine Bar. They had a superb selection of wines and an interesting menu. My friend from ODU, Wendy, and her husband, Neal, joined us. We had a nice table in the bay window. We shared a lovely Cotes du Rhone and had a good time getting to know each other better. The food was delicious, Roger and I shared a clam appetizer, clams with crushed red peppers, garlic and herbs in a white wine sauce (with the BEST garlic bread!). I had an interesting pressed chicken sandwich with avocado and pepper cheese with awesome home cut fries. Roger had a ribeye steak with the same fries and some kind of sauce--marmelade-type thing that was quite delicious with the fries! Neal has fish and chips that lookes crispy and tasty. Wendy had grilled cheese and tomato soup--gourmet style of course. And, as tempting as their cheesecake and bread pudding sounded, we opted to skip dessert.

Roger and I headed home to watch the Coen brother's film Burn After Reading. It was fun, classic Coen's.

Today in the mail, Roger and I received our invitation to the graduation fair in February, where we will purchase our gowns, caps, hoods, tassels and such. It is exciting because it means that graduation is getting closer. Yeah! Now, we just need to finish our dissertation, thesis and the rest of the semester!

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