Thursday, January 15, 2009


This is my parent's house in Minot, North Dakota. I got an email from my dad stating that he is done shoveling until February, because they just keep getting snow. And, if the snow alone weren't enough, the temperatures have been well below zero, with bone-chilling winds. UGH! I have to say I am relieved that I don't live in the north right now, but am feeling quite bad for those who do. I wonder what those settlers in wagons driven by horses thought their first or second winters in North Dakota? I know many people died from the cold, but those that lived...was their resolve so strong they just stayed? Or, were they just too poor to go anywhere else? I have the luxury of a remote start for my car, with a good (new) heat system. Gas heat in my house with a stove that doesn't have to be lit by matches. Fairly well insulated walls and windows (not enough for North Dakota, but enough for Southeastern Virginia). I realize I am spoiled...and I like it that way. I hope all this snow does not produce devastating floods this spring (my parents live close to the river) and I also hope that it warms up for them soon. I teased my dad about missing so many days of school so far this year (4 or 5 maybe?) but really worry for their safety and health. Take care, northerners...and bundle up!

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