Saturday, January 17, 2009

Our Quiet Weekend

This is a pretty quiet weekend. There's not too much homework yet and it has been cold for Norfolk. Roger is in bed with some kind of stomach bug that is nasty. He complained--he never complains!

After being home for a couple of weeks, I noticed that I started getting low grade headaches again and have had some throat and sinus problems. Do I live in a sick house? It is possible. This place is old with water damage. I got an air purifier for my desk (we already had one in the bedroom) and replaced some stained ceiling tiles in the living room. I only hope this helps. I doubt we could move for three months, and really that's all that's left for us here.

My classes are good. They will allow me to work mostly on my thesis work, which is great luck for me. Roger is teaching a class of all fashion students. I wonder if he will need expensive clothes after this semester? Maybe those girls will dress him up! Nah, I love him exactly the way he is...except for the stomach thing. That I (and he) can live without.

We took a trip to Lowe's in my old neighborhood and had dinner at Red Robin. I am so thankful that I don't have to deal with tunnels on a regular basis anymore. I am quite content to walk to work/school and only fill the car with gas once a month. That works for me!

Well, off to reading for homework. I hope Roger feels better soon. There's football on tomorrow, you know.

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