Monday, November 17, 2008

Back To It

It was nice to have some fun over the past weekend, but this week is back to work. I have a lot to get done before Thanksgiving to be on top of everything. Sometimes it is difficult to focus on work as there is always so much else going on. I took a few minutes to call some friends yesterday and catch up on what is going on. Fran and Jim had friends from Florida come for a visit. It sounds like they stayed up late drinking wine and visiting...good for them. Jeff's sister is here from California, so Dawn and he have been busy with them. It is always nice to just chat with friends and see what is going on. They are all going to Ohio for Thanksgiving, which means Roger and I will be catsitting. Tomcat is such a great cat, we'll have fun with that.

Roger is working on applying for jobs while waiting for feedback from his dissertation prospectus. I am working on my application materials for PhD programs and two papers and a thesis. It seems like a lot, but much of it is watching films, so it may take a while, but is enjoyable. I have a panel presentation on Thursday with 3 of my colleagues about strategies for success in graduate school. It should be interesting and good for my resume. Next week will be busy, only 2 days of classes, but they are jam packed! I like being busy, but always give myself some time just for me. It is usually walking or writing on this blog. I enjoy these two activities as those I do solo. It is nice to take care of me. I also like to leave time for talks with friends and possibly coffee or something. I hate to stay too far out of touch. I know how strained it can get when there is that lack of communication, and I don't want that to happen to those that I truly care about. I take the time, make the effort. I love my friendships and will do anything to keep them (within reason, of course).

Well, off to edit Roger's letter of application and on to my German film. Have a good week.

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