Sunday, November 16, 2008

Thanks for the Good Company

We attempted to eat at Luna Maya last night. It was more packed than I have ever seen it. It would have been over an hour (probably even longer) wait at 7:30. It was Jennie and Pete's 14th anniversary dinner. They wanted to go to Bardo, a tapas bar across the street from Luna Maya. As we waited a few minutes for a table, we got a welcome surprise; Josh Kerner was there. He is my favorite 15 year old! He was celebrating his step-brother's birthday. We didn't chat long, but it was nice of him to come over and give me a big hug. I adore Josh and am flattered that he thinks so much of me.

So we were seated and Pete's friends Tom and Brenda joined us. Roger and I had a nice Pinot Noir and perused the menu. Let's just say Asian tapas are not friendly to the gluten-intolerant. It took a long time to find a few dishes that Roger could even eat. It is hard when soy sauce contains wheat. He settled on seafood ceviche...only to find that they no longer carry that. We ended up finding okay dishes. I thought the food was overpriced and not that great. We ended the dinner with some fresh donut balls--they were good!

The compnay was great. Tom and Brenda are fun people. We talked and talked. The dinner took 3 hours and it seemed to fly by. It is true that it doesn't matter where you are as long as the company is good. It is nice to hang out and not have to be on a tight schedule. We've had dinner with friends who had plans right after and that puts so much pressure on the timing of the meal. Leisure is fabulous.

Jennie, Pete, Roger and I headed to O'Sullivan's for one more drink. They had a fun bar band playing. We were in by 12:30, but had a great night. I enjoyed spending time with Jennie and Pete while Jack was home with the babysitter. I love Jack, but some adult time is good now and then.

We will get to Luna Maya soon. If not I may explode from lack of guacamole and awesome margarita. Luna Maya will always be there. Last night was one of those of the moment and pleasant evenings. Thanks guys!

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