Friday, October 24, 2008

This Weekend

Fran and I are headed to Suffolk for the Joe Biden rally. I cannot wait!! I am so excited to be a part of this whole experience. I love being a citizen and voting and becoming even more involved will be fun and educational. Also, it gives me an excuse to spend some time with Fran. I rarely see her anymore now that I don't work for Dawn and I miss her. We should have a great time.

Jennie and Pete are in Key West for Fantasy Fest. That would be a lot of fun. I hope they are having a good time. I look forward to the pictures and the stories. If you don't know about Fantasy Fest, the biggest thing is that women get shirts (and sometimes pants) painted on their naked bodies. You can google the pictures if you like, some of the paint is amazing...looks like real shirts and/or pants.

Roger is working on his dissertation. He is preparing to apply for jobs next week. It is an exciting, nerve-wracking time for both of us. I can't wait to start applying for PhD programs. All of it is a little overwhelming, but in a good way.

I guess that's about it for us this weekend. I'm making my eggplant dish, which is a favorite to both Roger and me. We've got a lot to do this next week, but should be able to spend some time together next weekend. I think we'll head to Dawn and Josh's for games sometime Halloween weekend. I can't wait for Halloween!

Have a great weekend, all! I will!


Elizabeth said...

Send my best to Joe Biden.
At least he's isn't Palin...........she is horrible!

Anonymous said...

Your mother and I have voted early. We can now sit back and watch the election. There are so many pollitical ads on the tube, newspaper and radio, we can shut them off, or skip the newspaper ads!
I like this early voting. It allows you to make your choices and get on with leaf raking. We are in the final throws of leaves. This weekend should see the last of the leaves off the trees (our air conditioning). Now if our neighbors get on the ball, we can be done raking by November.