Thursday, October 23, 2008

Biden in Virginia

Joe Biden will be at a high school in Suffolk on Saturday for a rally. That might be fun. I think I might go. Hmmm. I love patriotism! I am a proud American, and that means voting for Obama/Biden. Plus, their plan lowers my taxes, not gigantic corporations.


Jessica said...

I don't get into politics on blogs too much, but I feel the need to say that you can be patriotic and not vote for Obama/Biden. I personally find it patriotic to believe in the American Dream and working hard for your own money. And lowering taxes for the businesses that create jobs so that their best interest is to employ Americans. With higher taxes, they'll build their companies overseas, which only hurts us more.

While I don't love all of McCain's policies, especially his mortgage policy, I do support everyone's right to make a living. And I do not support the wealthiest Americans "spreading their wealth around" to people who just don't feel like working.

Mike and I are both in service industries -- the military and non-profit. Assuming Obama sticks to his word and doesn't raise taxes for people making under $250,000 we would benefit. However, with his list of social programs to fund I'm not convinced he'll actually do what he says. Clinton didn't in the 90s. And I'd much rather have our little bit of savings than have someone wealthier give me a hand out.

I guess I'm simply not a fan of socialist policies and believe strongly in paving your own way.

You asked me why I support McCain/Palin, and this is partly it. I think everyone is entitled to their own opinions and beliefs, but in regards to being patriotic? You're that if you go to the polls. Regardless of who you vote for.

Kate and Roger said...

I agree that you can be patriotic and vote for either ticket. My saying I was patriotic was in direct response to what Minnesota's representative Michelle Bachman said, which is that Obama is anti-American. I, too believe in a person's right to make a living, and I do work hard for the little money I make. I fear that with tax cuts to corporations overseas, we will see even greater jobless rates in this country. After we ship the jobs away, how are people supposed to live?

I find this campaign so distasteful and cannot wait for it to end. It looks more and more like Obama/Biden will win so we will see what happens in the next few terms. I only hope that people vote on the issues, like you and Mike and me and Roger, not on race. Here in Virginia, there are some detestable protesters who say "No half-breeds" and the like and that makes me ill.

I in no way meant to say that voting for either candidate was more patriotic than voting for the other. I agree that voting at all is the most patriotic thing an American can do. I just don't think personal attacks of anti-Americanism or stating that candidates are communists or fascists or any ists is fair, but that, sadly is American politics. The RNC has pulled its funding from Bachman's campaign, which is good news.

I hope I cleared up my meaning in what I was saying.

Jessica said...

I agree with everything you've said. I really wish the emphasis in all of the ads would be what each candidate will do, instead of attacks against the other. How are we suppose to trust either ticket to lead this country if neither is strong enough to stand up to childish campaigns? I'm so tired of everyone talking the talk ... I just want answers to my questions and action. November 4 cannot get here soon enough.

PS. Regarding tax cuts to corporations ... neither candidate wants to cut taxes for the corporations overseas. McCain wants to lower their tax rate here so that companies build in America and hire American workers. Right now, they're building in other countries where taxes are lower and profit margins higher. In order to be competitive, we need to lower our own corporate taxes. And if we raise corporate taxes, those CEOs making big salaries probably won't take a pay cut. They'll reduce their staff and stop providing support for community projects, groups, etc. Because I love my job and the non-profit sector, which relies on corporate giving, I don't think raising their taxes is a good idea. The non-profit sector also employs a good percentage of Americans, so raising corporate taxes could mean lost jobs in big industries and in non-profits. I don't see how anyone would benefit from a higher corporate tax. I just wanted to explain my position a little better.

PPS. I suppose it's easier to know what a person is really saying if you can see their expressions and body language.