Saturday, October 25, 2008

The Biden LOVE--Road Trip

Fran and I headed over to the Joe Biden rally and Nansemond High School in Suffolk. We had a great time. It was fun to listen to someone, who quite likely, will be the next Vice President. He focused on what he and Obama plan to do when they win. He also commented on attacks from certain Republicans that attack Obama's Americanism and Patriotism. Biden encouraged us to close off the divide in America and work together toward rebuilding a middle class. Fran and I thought it was great fun to be a part of it. Fran said, "It was the first time I got to be a cheerleader!" What a good time, for a good reason.

Senator Joe Biden (The next US Vice President)
Fran and I held the C in change. That got quite exciting.
This little girl was so darling. She said she was excited to be there. There were many kids at the rally, all yelling thier support for Obama and Biden.
Fran and I. Happy Early Birthday, Fran! I had a great day with you.

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