Monday, October 13, 2008

Monday, Monday

My husband is still asleep. This is late for him, but he is tired. He's worked two 14 hour days at Fran and Jim's installing their hard wood bamboo floor. I hear it is beautiful. There is nothing like the look of real wood. I admit laminate floor has come a long way, Brad and Andrea's floor is beautiful, but real wood...I can't wait to see it later today. Roger has to go out and finish the bathroom today with Jim. I said I would come along to help if they need it. I'll mostly be grading speeches, I think. I can't wait to see their handiwork. My mom reminded me that Roger will have good practice in when we have a house and want a new floor. Oh, I hope that is the case. I would love a little house with just the space we need and wood floors, everywhere. Both Roger and my allergies could use a break from carpet. Next year I hope.

The morning air is brisk and my coffee is hot. This morning is fabulous. I read the forecast for the next week is warm days, cool favorite. This fall is ending up to be quite perfect for me. The wine festival is on Saturday. This is my single favorite event in Hampton Roads. Roger and I are looking forward to a day of wine tasting and hanging out with friends. We'll scope out the bus routes for maximum safety, of course. Thanks to Dawn for the tickets. I guess I'll always be a member of her clinical team. I miss working with the patients and with Dawn and all the other girls, but love teaching and living in the world of academia. I am working on finding a PhD program within driving distance of prospective jobs for Roger, no easy task. But, I am quite sure it will work out, everything else has for us.

I need to write a memoir of the role television has played in my life. That should be interesting. Certainly, at different times in my life television has been important, but others not so much. The interesting thing is now that I study media and culture, television is important, and I watch much less than I have since I was a kid. I hope that doesn't mean that I am unqualified, or worse, that I have to start watching more television. Life is too short to spend watching TV. There are so many other wonderful things to do, there just isn't the time, or the compulsion for television. I've returned to more reading...books, books, books (although even including homework books, I am nowhere near the volume Tiffany is reading---go Tiff!).

I am working through learning the value of my life, my relationships, my goals and everything else. I'm not being judgmental, just evaluating my life. And actually, except for not having the money to take wild vacations (yet), all is so good. So Good!


Tiffany and Jarrod said...

with jarrod's homework and my reading we don't watch near as much tv as we have in the past....

but i think my brain is panting - trying to keep the pace!

Elizabeth said...

You uncle Bob loves TV.
It could just explode and vanish as far as I'm concerned!
love from NY!