Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The End of Fall Break

Today, we head back to school. I am excited to see my students give their speeches. They are terrific. I hear from colleagues how difficult they have it teaching their classes. Many complain about their students. And, yeah, I have some who feel texting is more important than listening, and they all cannot wait to get out of class, but overall, my class has been good. My one semester of teaching one section of public speaking has, so far, been a very positive experience.

Roger and I finished Fran and Jim's floor Monday night. It is beautiful. The color is so rich. I just love it. It is always comforting to be at their house. It really feels like a home away from home. I have no problem helping myself to a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. I love that feeling of absolute comfort.

Yesterday, I worked an my memoir piece about my television viewing habits. I have some changes to make today, but overall am pretty happy. Roger is working on his dissertation. Sometimes it is slower than others, but he solved his problem while sleeping and was up early making notes on the changes he needs to make.

Our apartment is crumbling around us, literally. The plaster ceiling is crumbling from years of water damage and pieces are landing on the false ceiling below. All this above all our electronics and my grandma's furniture. I want them to fix it, but then will have nowhere to work but school, and I rarely get enough done there. Ugh! Only six more months and we'll be out of here.

So back to the grind. For a few days, anyway. We'll be headed to the Wine Festival on Saturday, courtesy of my old job (thanks Dawn). And then it is work, work, work until we head to Minnesota for Christmas. Oh, and that baby could come anytime!

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