Thursday, October 16, 2008

Live Aid

I'm watching Live Aid on VH1 Classics and Roger asked why events like this aren't happening now. I'm not sure. I wonder if it is artist egos or general apathy. Or perhaps, Americans are more worried about citizens of the United States and want to help their own country. I just don't know. But, I still tear up when watching Live Aid. I remember watching it from beginning to end in 1985 and still feel the power from the performances. I own the DVD of the concert; I'll watch it again and again.

I joined to pledge to do what I can do to end extreme poverty. I pledged to buy only Fair Trade coffee. I'm going to work on other ways as I can. Poverty and starvation are evil epidemics on this earth and I feel we as global citizens don't do enough. I'll have to find out how I can do more. I cannot imagine being hungry and dirty and thirsty and emaciated and dead.

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