Friday, October 17, 2008

The Friday Blues

It is Friday and I should be happy. My weekend will start right after my students present their speeches. I love to hear their speeches. They are more talented than I could have imagined when classes began in August. It is so rewarding to see them implement things that I have taught them. It makes me feel like a real teacher. I have a few difficult issues in my class, but hope to have them ironed out today or Monday. I guess that, too, is part of being a real teacher.

Tomorrow is the Virginia Wine Festival. This will be my sixth year. I was thinking that every year, except two years ago when Brad's mom died, Andrea and I have attended this event. This year she has made plans to go to Pennsylvania. That makes me a little sad. This has been that one event that seemed to be ours, and now it is not. Oh well, I will have many other friends there, but will miss her. I have seen Andrea only twice in over six months. It is different from years past, but I guess that is the way friendships go. We will be moving in six months, and will have to say goodbye to many loved ones. Perhaps that process has already begun.

There is a weather front moving in and has landed, it seems, right in my sinus cavities. It hurt to do my workout this morning, but I finished it. I am really psyched on getting healthier and feeling better.

I hope to get out of this funk by tomorrow, actually by class time today. I guess I'll get started with breakfast and a lovely East German film from the 1970's...yeah!

Sometimes we all get the blues, but I am surrounded by love and promises of a bright future. I know it will pass.

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