Saturday, October 11, 2008

A Day Home Alone

Roger is at Fran and Jim's house installing bamboo floors into the kitchen and hallways. He has been gone for several hours, will not be home for supper and has to return tomorrow. I have spent the day doing some work and relaxing. However, now, I am lonely. I miss having Roger working in the bedroom while I work in the living room.

I know it is silly. We spend so much time together, you would think I would like a day to myself. I would think that as well. But, I guess I like spending time with my husband. I think about my friends who spend large amounts of time away from their spouses and feel bad for them. And for those without a significant other, I feel particularly bad. I'd like everyone to find happiness as I have.

So, frozen pizza and a magazine give me some comfort. I hope Roger isn't too terribly late tonight.

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jes said...

I've found puppies are a good comfort, as are reese cups (I've eaten an entire bag in a week!?) and low-fat Blue Bell ice cream. Hopefully this week I can replace all that (well, not the pups) with the gym, haha.

I'm so glad a friend could visit and that it's football season. I'm still counting down the days..

Have a good day today if Roger is still away -- take a walk, read a book, do something you don't typically do when he is there. It'll make the time go faster.