Friday, October 10, 2008

Renewed (and Soon to be Refreshed)

After my heart-pumping walk around the neighborhood, I feel renewed. Today is humid, but I finished my walk and although I am sitting in pools of sweat, I feel great. I see the future as bright, and am determined to get to work and see my goals through to the end. I am hoping that after I cool down and take a shower, I feel refreshed as well. I am fulfilling that need to be awake, aware and excited about my day. Ah, the joy of feeling content!

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Tiffany and Jarrod said...

i had a day like that yesterday too! i finally had a good day off so i went out and attacked all the weeds that had grown in my flower bed and in front of the house. i was covered in dirt, sweaty and my arms hurt but i felt great!