Friday, September 5, 2008

Changes in Plans

Well, thanks to Hanna, we won't be going camping this weekend with Dawn, Jeff and Josh. I am both relieved and disappointed. I would have loved to camp in the cool mountains and get away. However, the trip to Minnesota put me behind and I would like to catch up. We'll probably spend time with Dawn and Josh anyway. I think we are headed to the movie Hamlet 2, which should be fun. Roger used to work in high school theater and should appreciate some of the humor. I just think it will be fun.

I have a department welcome back to school party at Maggie's house Saturday night. That should be fun. I like the people in the Communications department and enjoy talking with them.

Otherwise, we will be tuned into the Weather Channel, keeping our eye on both Hanna and Ike. What a busy hurricane/tropical storm time...ugh! Keep your fingers cross that we don't lose power.

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