Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Catching Our Breath

We are coming off a whirlwind weekend in Minnesota. We flew in Friday morning and spent a few hours at Mike, Elise and Cassie's new townhouse just catching up. We had some lunch, dropped Elise and Cassie back at home and headed for Trish's new apartment for a nap (we had to catch a 6 a.m. flight out of Norfolk). However, we were met by a barking/growling dog, who was scared of us. We snuck into the bedroom and got about an hour's nap. We headed over to Gwen's for pizza night. We had some time to talk to Patsy about leaving for school and caught up with Gwen and Jerry before the family started piling in. It was fantastic weather for pizza and brownies outside. We sang for Ethan's 9th birthday, which was a treat for all the kids. We headed back to Trish's at about 11 to try to get some sleep. We did! We didn't wake up until 8, and that was nice. We lounged around Trish's. We picked up Elise and Cassie for lunch. Roger and I took Cassie shopping for new school clothes and some presents for the baby shower. We went bowling with the Skopie boys, my nephews, and Laura and Nathan. The 9 of us had a GREAT time bowling. It was so much fun. Saturday night, Roger and I had dinner with our friend Paul and then went to some friends' house for cards, but ended up just visiting and hanging out. Tom's cat, Louie (Lucifer) scratched up my arm, but I still had a good time.

Sunday was the shower. We had a nice time. We played some games, that were quite entertaining. Elise and Mike got some nice gifts. Cassie and the other kids ended up swimming at the end of the shower. We headed back to Trish's apartment for dinner with Gwen, Jerry, Elise, Mike and Cassie. It was nice. We kicked them all out by 10 as we had to leave Trish's before 4 a.m.

We made it back to Norfolk at noontime. We had a bite to eat then well earned 3 hour nap. We had a cookout at Dawn and Josh's and ended our holiday heading to bed early. We still had trouble waking up this morning. Hopefully, we will catch up soon. It was worth it. We had a great time.

Elise and Mike got a new digital camera so I didn't take any pictures. When they send them to me, I'll post some.

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Elizabeth said...

Sounds like a fun but very busy weekend.
Glad you had a good time.
Grandma was well when we saw her a short while ago but crazy on the phone last night.......so it goes
love to you both.