Monday, July 21, 2008


We woke up late on Saturday, finally getting to sleep in. Late was before 8 a.m. by the way. We hung out for a while and then headed to the beach. There were good waves so Roger wanted to go to 45th Street at the ocean front. We were there before 11 a.m. At about 12:30 it started raining, lightly. It felt nice. Jennie, Pete and Jack arrived at about 1 and it was raining and black clouds were rolling in. Before they could even set up their stuff, we decided to leave. We headed home to shower up and relax for a few minutes. We headed to Jennie's for chicken cacciatore, which was delicious. The five of us headed for ODU for Music on Monarch Way. It was salsa night and the band was good and the crowd was big and everyone was having a good time. The kids took some space to run around and the adults enjoyed music, a few brave souls were even dancing! The music ended at 7 and Jennie and I took off for a girls night on the town.

We headed to Jennie's friend Agnes's house for snacks and drinks before the limo arrived at 9:30. The limo was a Carey bus that was outfitted with sofas and stuff to be limo-like. There were 14 of us headed to Virginia Beach. This group was fun, loud and active. We had a great time. Our first stop was at Catch 31 where after fighting the crowd we got some drinks and relaxed outside. The night was beautiful. We then headed to a bar off the beach (I have no idea the name) where there was a sand area and about 15 decks to choose. Some girls went dancing. Jennie, Danielle and I watched the people and relaxed outside. Our time with the limo was up, so we headed back to Norfolk. It was fun to get out with the girls. I have learned that I don't enjoy the club scene as much as I once did. I am thankful I am married and don't need to be picked up. Also, I got very tired. It was fun, but I would rather hang out with friends somewhere like Chick's on the Bay and visit and enjoy myself with people who are special to me. It was nice to do something different, but it reminded me of what I like more. Thanks, Jen for the fun.

Now the weekend is over and we are back to school. It is good not to be working for Dawn anymore. I feel as though my brain has been all over the place and I look forward to some focus. Roger is pretty much done with school classes, but has to rework his dissertation starting from scratch. We still have lots to do. If only it could be Saturday will in five days!


Anonymous said...

Great picture of you two at the top of the blog. Saturdays are fun. We ride and get a lot of work done that we enjoy. We last to about 10:00 at night before we are too tired to stay awake. Age and need for sleep are good too, on Saturdays.

Dellits said...

FUN again!