Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Roger and I are headed to Kentucky for some camping this weekend. We have 2 big vacations for the summer, Elise and Mike and Cassie's visit and the trip to the Outer Banks of North Carolina with the rest of Roger's family. We decided to go camping for a long weekend just the 2 of us. Kentucky fit within our range of how far we want to go. We are looking forward to some quiet time, with only a little homework, just the two of us. Also, it should be nice sleeping weather in the mountains (I hope).

I am sure that most of you who know me well are surprised that I like camping. I guess finding the right person to do things with makes everything more fun. Also, if you know me, you can imagine that camping for us is not throw some hot dogs and beer in a cooler and head out. I have been prepping for a gourmet camping trip. I even have a gourmet campfire is scary, I know. We will greet the morning with Greek yogurt and homemade fruit sauce (blueberries and strawberries). Dinners consist of gourmet hamburgers and Italian sausages with a mix of peppers, onions and mushrooms. Fingerling potatoes and several other treats round out the mix. There is a homemade ice cream place in Berea, Kentucky near where we are camping, so we are all set. I just get so excited thinking about our trip. I love the adventures Roger and I find in sharing our life together.

We'll be back on Sunday, refreshed for the two weeks before we head to North Carolina. Have a lovely weekend, everyone.