Sunday, July 27, 2008

The Weekend

Camping was fun. We had a great time. Our first stop, Berea, Kentucky, was on the West side of the Appalachian Mountains. It was on the edge of the Daniel Boone Forest. It was beautiful country. Berea, itself was a cool little arty community. We really enjoyed spending the day exploring. We found a winery, one that could sell wine in a dry county. Talk about odd, I didn't even know dry counties existed these days. We spent Friday evening reading and cooking and eating and reading until we went to bed. If only the campground wasn't so close to the interstate...those air brakes in semi-trucks are loud...all night long.

Saturday, we headed for Boone, North Carolina. We LOVED it! It is a very liberal town with the feel of a small town and a city at the same time. The mountains there were even more breathtaking. We both fell in love with Boone, North Carolina. It was tough to leave, especially after everyone was complaining of the HOT day...80 degrees...that's hot. We returned to 92 degrees and humid today. We unloaded the car and relaxed for awhile. We should be refreshed to start our two week work-a-thon before our week at the Outer Banks with the Skophammer family...yeah!

What a great weekend!

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Elizabeth said...

Nice new picture of you both!
So where are all the photos of the trip?
Thinking of you both!