Wednesday, June 4, 2008


Last night's political events were truly inspiring. Can anybody deliver a speech better than Obama? I don't think so. His language and eloquence truly captures his spirit and incites interest in politics in others. I eagerly await his Presidential campaign.

I was, however, disappointed in Hillary. Although she praised Obama's campaign, she did not recognize his amazing achievement, the first African-American on the ballot. Wow! Had she won, there would have been praise for her being the first woman nominated for the Presidency. She had a chance to shine and uplift her party, the Democratic Party, but chose to reiterate her own selfish stubbornness. It is too bad. I liked her for a part of Obama's future, but wonder if she can work as a team. I don't know.

So we go forward in American politics in a new and exciting venture. I hope for less trash talk and more positive rhetoric for change. The United States needs a shake-up. We are a tired nation in need of change. Young change. The time has come for a young, energetic President, and I believe Obama will be that President come November.

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Dellits said...

of course they don't recognize each other. because we are in the most ridiculous time of the elections yet. the part where they both scratch at each other in order to survive and win. then magically, one if them clenches and POOF, they are trying to talk nice. It makes me want to puke. this is why i really only pay close attention starting in september and then i only do research and listen very little to what it said on tv. ug.