Sunday, June 22, 2008

Whew, one more week...

Tomorrow is the beginning of Roger's comprehensive exams. I think he is ready. He has certainly been preparing the past few weeks. I see him a little bit here and a little bit there. It hasn't been too bad, so far. I doubt we will see much of each other this week. We have a freezer full of dinners for this week. I have a project proposal due on Friday, and 2 more classes all while working for Dawn and going to the gym. I don't feel stressed, just good. It is a nice change for me. I've been going to the gym every day except Sunday. I alternate working out with the weights with swimming. I love spending time at the pool. It has been so much fun.

Friday night Roger took his last break before exams to go out to The Boot with Dawn, Jeff, Brad, Andrea and me. We had a great dinner, fresh local food--yummy! A band started, but we had to leave because my ears hurt, a leftover from my birthday. It was a nice night out...thanks Jeff for treating, we'll get you back sometime.

So, if we survive this week (I am sure we will), we have Tony's retirement party from the Marines. This will also be our goodbye party with Melanie, since we won't make her official party. I hope to see her before she leaves on July 9th for Tampa, Florida. I will miss her. She has been my friend since I moved to Virginia and through school and work and everything else in our lives, we have kept up with each other at least weekly, sometimes daily. She is a dear friend and I love her. I cannot wait to spend some time in Tampa at their new house (with a pool!!!) next summer. It will be a treat to visit her as often as possible!! We are going to try to get to the beach next Saturday. Roger has been dying to get out on his new wave board. I just like the vibe at the beach. There is always something new to see and try. We are having an end of comprehensives celebration for Roger at the Tides game Saturday night. Section 312...everyone is invited!

Then, back to work. Roger wants to get as much homework done for his summer institute before Elise, Mike and Cassie arrive on July 2nd. We will have a great time at the beach that week, and baseball. I need to get to work on my thesis...hopefully, Avi will understand all the delays.

Wish us luck this week. I am sure it will fly by and we will end up finally able to RELAX!!

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Elizabeth said...

You sound amazingly busy!
Good luck to you both.
your Dad is coming to visit early next month. This should be fun.
Grandma goes on much as usual!!!
lots of love