Saturday, June 14, 2008

Not much

It seems that not much is going on. I am still recovering from being sick. I can't seem to find the energy to stay awake all day, but I'm working on it. The antibiotic is doing its job I'm sure. I've been going to the rec center pool. I don't want to dunk my head under water until the ear infection is totally cleared up, so I've been treading water in the deep end. 25 minutes of that can wear you out. I am hoping to get back to circuit training on Monday, but don't want to end up sicker, so I will see. Today the air is smoky for the third time from the North Carolina fires. I feel bad complaining since I am not in the fires, nor in floods, nor really in a drought and the temperatures are okay in the upper 80s and lower 90s, but it is hard for me to breathe with the smoky air. It is supposed to be blowing away in the next hour. I hope so.

We had dinner last night with Jennie, Pete and Jack at The Taphouse. The Taphouse is easily becoming one of my favorite hangouts. The beer selection is nice and the food is good, greasy, but good. I think I like their burgers better than anywhere else right now. We sat outside and the breeze felt almost cool. It was a beautiful night. Jack got a sunburn while swimming yesterday and looked exhausted. I bet he slept well all night.

Tonight we are headed for a Tides game. They stink, but it is still baseball which both Roger and I love. Roger has been working extremely hard for his comprehensive exams in 8 days and deserves a break tonight. I doubt he'll have very many more.

So, I guess that is about all. Phenice is soon to deliver her son, so I will be working in Dawn's office for about a month. I hope she holds out one more week, but I guess that is up to her son, huh?

Happy Weekend, all.

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