Friday, April 18, 2008


One thing I have learned from Roger is to look at several perspectives for everything. I have been stressed about school. I am learning a brand new way to write scholarly papers. It frustrates me to have to re-learn to write papers. The past two nights, I have been thinking out loud to Roger and have found solutions for my papers that are due in the next 2-3 weeks. I've adopted the new style of writing and am not even thinking of the old structure, but am embracing the new. I still bitch and moan, but a short while ago I realized the future greatness in this frustrating endeavor. I will be starting my thesis this summer. I have the help of Avi and am grateful for his time and help. What I realized, which made me quite happy, is that this new style of writing will work so very well in my thesis. By conquering this paper structure, I will be ahead of the game in writing my thesis. That is so great. By stressing now, I make things easier for myself later. I finally realized the best part. I will be done with my Master's Degree in May of 2009. I will not have that thesis to finish hanging over my head, because it will be done. The stress of finishing a thesis after leaving school must be terrific. I thank Avi and my stress for the lack of anxiety I will feel next spring. I won't graduate with that thesis holding me back. I won't need to apply for jobs with the Master's Degree pending statement. I'll have it all. So while this makes me smile and feel that sense of relief, I still have the papers to write these next few weeks and the thesis to do while continuing coursework, research and teaching. But it will all pay off in May of 2009. Just a shift in perspective and I lose the headache! Thanks Roger.

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can't wait until May 09!