Sunday, April 20, 2008


Yesterday, Roger and I finished enough homework to afford a night out.
We decided to participate in one of our favorite shared past times, baseball. We got to Harbor Park and were in a long line to buy tickets, when some guys sold us tickets for a buck less than the ticket price (4 of their friends backed out after they bought the tickets). We got two tickets in our favorite section 200. It is straight back from home plate and we sat in the last row...perfect seats. We've decided to try to sit there every time. And, although the Tides lost, we had a great time enjoying the game together. It is so wonderful that we share so many loves in common, Roger and I. But, today it is back to homework. We have a Passover dinner tonight at Dawn's. It will be fun as we haven't seen Dawn, Fran, Jim, Mike and especially Josh in a long time. I love to catch up.

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Dellits said...

jealous...that you went to baseball...we need to get our butts there and jealous you saw the Kerners...we saw Mike last night...Happy Sunday!