Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Errands, Readings and a Nap

Roger and I awoke to an empty fridge and empty stomachs, so we set out to run our errands. They started nice, we ate a good breakfast at the local diner, picked up a couple of pounds of Starbuck's Pikes Peak Coffee (Delicious!!), got our Virginia Raw Honey (also excellent and a great addition to smoothies and a nice way to help with allergy symptoms), picked up some wine for Passover dinner on Sunday and then we headed to the grocery store. We divide our grocering between Harris Teeter and The Marketplace (Farm Fresh's update of Gene Walters). Today we chose The Marketplace and it was a mistake. First, the produce was iffy. The prices for bagged salads was much higher than I had been paying. The lemons were all soft. The avocados were expensive. By the time I hit the meat counter, I was cranky and considering returning the groceries in the cart and leaving, but I did not want to spend more time out running errands. We finished what is necessary to get us through a few days, checked out and left. The final straw was our cashier did not give our discount for bringing in our own bags and did not know how to load them. With their increasing prices, bad service and the mess while they renovate, The Marketplace has become unshoppable. I'll have to stop there for deli meat and crackers which are not available anywhere else, but otherwise I guess it will be Harris Teeter. I hate the Farm Fresh in Wards Corner and the Kroger is unacceptable as well. I dearly wish Trader Joe's was not so far away. But, it is done. I am about to make taco salads and guacamole for dinner.

I had readings to do for a presentation I must give next week. I finished wondering what they really had to do with my authorship class. I will reread them tonight and tomorrow and talk with my professor, Avi, tomorrow and hopefully find a direction for the presentation.

I was exhausted and lay down for a 20 minute nap. Roger read his novel next to me and off to sleep I went. An hour later I awoke and then 20 minutes after that I finally got up. It was so nice to take an afternoon snooze. I realize most of you who read the blog do not have that option on a Wednesday. It is nice to find those high points in my otherwise stressful life.

I feel refreshed, no longer pissed, and ready for the rest of my week. If only I had a topic for my other 20 page paper due in 2 weeks.


jc said...

Hey there!

Sorry to hear about your groceries ... we've been going to Food Lion down here because it's just a short drive from our place, and their produce has gotten pretty bad too. One day there were even moldy grapes! Seriously....

I'm glad your nap made you feel better ... I miss afternoon naps ;)

I think we're planning on meeting up at Luna Maya around 7 on Friday. Mike and I are going to head over to Bran and Andrea's to drop the puppies off as soon as I get home from work (normally 6ish), so I think around 7-7:30 would be good? I could give you a call on Friday to let you know if everything is working out? Could you e-mail me your number again just to be safe?

Elizabeth said...

We though groceries in the US had become horrible expensive!
The fruit and veggies here are super.
I love the new picture of you at the top of the page.
We have pretty much got over our jet-lag - though there had been a sandstorm while we were away and the house wasn't in too great shape.
lots of love from foreign parts
wix and bob