Sunday, July 8, 2007

The Sunday New York Times

After a quick walk to 7-11 for eggs and making breakfast for Roger and me, I was finally able to sit down and spend a couple of hours reading my Sunday Times with some good coffee.

Where else can you learn the following?

That Montana, Idaho, Virginia, Hawaii and Utah have the lowest unemployment rate in the country.

That Cancun (which I disliked as too American) could have been a starting point for good vacation spots.

That librarians are now young, tattooed, hip, punk and making it difficult for older more traditional librarians to find jobs these days (and that blueberry vodka is good with cranberry juice).

That crazy New Yorkers swim the Hudson River and have quite amazing photos taken of them at different times of the day.

That readers are crazy about the end of the Harry Potter story and have written 5 possibilities for the demise of poor Harry.

That John Irving (one of Roger and my favorite authors of all time) travelled to Poland and Germany and had to stand up for friend and fellow author Gunter Grass in the 1990s.

That Fred Thompson (64) may not be electable as president because he has a much younger and beautiful wife (40).

That Chelsea is becoming the hot spot for new hotels in New York City.

That laws banning smoking around the world are being countered by Phillip Morris's design of a newer more addictive cigarette in other countries.

That the health benefits of red wine may be available in pill form and the two founders of the company will profit.

That David Beckham will make too much money and that American soccer doesn't really need him (I disagree as all sports need a Michael Jordan).

That Venus won the Wimbledon open again (hurray for strong women athletes).

That Vladimir Putin had a group of youth in the streets with propaganda.

That Angela Lansbury is still beloved by broadway fans.

And I have barely opened the Book Review (which is my favorite). Although, I did peek to make sure the Dr. Phil McGraw was NOT on the bestseller list as he annoys me.

One of the best things about Sundays is the New York Times. I feel more a part of this world after reading the paper. I relish in the fact that New York is less than a 6 hour drive away. It is my favorite place I have ever been. Roger has never been and I cannot wait to share that experience with him.

(Oh yes and Andrea and Brad, I am extremely ENVIOUS of your upcoming trip...go whoever is playing the Yankees!)

Happy Sunday to all.


Tiffany and Jarrod said...

Gee... and all I get is the southern, religous, you'd-better-take-your-Yankee-butt-back-north newspaper!

Anonymous said...

It still amazes me that you can read the Times and post the blog before 11:00am. What a change. Aren't mornings a great time to sit around and do some of the interesting things of life. I am working on our HP grant and getting ready for a meeting to.

Kate and Roger Skophammer said...

I hope I didn't spoil anything for you and Mom.

love you

Rodrigo said...

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Dellits said...

Cannot wait for the big trip! Watch GMA next Friday morning. I'm might be going over there to see John Mayer! And who the heck is Rodrigo?

p.s. Dr Phil is not THAT bad!