Saturday, July 7, 2007

Happy Birthday, Roger!!

Happy Birthday! I love you so very much and am grateful to spend this and every birthday with you. I hope you know how special you are to me! I look forward to cooking some of your favorites today. I love to cook for you and nurture and take care of you. You deserve all of it. You deserve only the best (and I guess that's me!).
In Chincoteague at the lighthouse in May.
With Cassie before the family softball game on Memorial Day.
At the Golf Hall of Fame and Botanical Gardens in Augusta in late June.

Have a great birthday, Roger; I love you. You are my true soulmate, best friend and love of my life!

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jes & mike said...

This post is so sweet :) I think you should definitely look forward to your 11 day trek north for your wedding --- the time there will go so quickly! I definitely enjoyed taking all of our trips and seeing everyone -- it was so much fun! -- but I'm just as happy to be able to kick back and enjoy not driving every weekend. I'm a wee bit afraid of getting bored though, what kind of person thinks like that when they just finished a crazy year?

We should get together for a game night sometime!