Monday, July 30, 2007

Storms kill The Tempest--Twice

We attempted to see The Tempest at the Shakespeare Festival in Virginia Beach on Saturday night. There was a huge thunderstorm and it got rained out. We ended up at a Jazz Club in Suffolk, with terrible service, but nice music and a nice atmosphere. Sunday was spent for me working on my Jane Austen project while Roger moved all the storage into a smaller unit (thanks!). We, again, attempted The Tempest. We got at least 10 minutes into it when it was called off due to rain and thunder and lightening. Maybe doing a play called The Tempest, which means terrific storm, in the summer in Virginia Beach isn't too smart. I don't know. What I saw, I liked, so I HOPE the weather stays tempest free this coming weekend so we can finally see it. The park is nice. It is free. The Shakespeare company is laid back. It could, and hopefully will, be fun.

So, Roger and I came home and talked about the plans for the upcoming wedding ceremony itself. We discussed vows, which are important to both of us. We already live the vows of sharing and trust. We love each other infinitely...what is left to promise. I guess if you are at the ceremony you will hear, and if not you'll her about it later. I feel the vows are necessary to share, but we already live them. I trust Roger with everything...especially my heart.

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