Saturday, July 28, 2007

The Beach

Roger and I spent yesterday afternoon on the beach in Virginia Beach. We parked at 45th, thanks Juliet, and walked over to a nice section of the beach which isn't overly crowded, but still provided many opportunities for people watching. It was fun. Roger bought a boogie board and I enjoyed watching him ride (or attempt to ride) the waves in to the shore. I went out in the water, got slammed around a bit and went back to my chair and my (boring) Jane Austen. It was sunny and hot and the water was gorgeous. We had an enjoyable day. We are both a bit pinker than we were yesterday morning, but feeling good.

We had dinner and walked up and down Waterside in Norfolk after the quick thunderstorm which cooled things off. We had Ben & Jerry's ice cream and settled in for an evening of movie watching. We have so much fun together doing such simple things. Life is truly an adventure if you make it so, and we do!

So today, more Jane Austen (much more). Homework is in order for me until Thursday when summer school will be over for me. After that, all I have to do is prepare to go to Minnesota for the wedding. As it nears, I get more and more excited. I can't wait to share in my beautiful marriage to Roger with both of our families and our friends. Roger is my husband and I truly love him and hope all who care about him and me will see the special bond between two very special people. I am amazed every day that I could have finally found this most special man to be in my life. I feel truly blessed in this life.

I saw a bumper sticker the other day that read: Live your Bliss...I live my bliss every day...thank you Roger.

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Tiffany and Jarrod said...

I miss the sound of the ocean......