Friday, July 6, 2007


We went to the fireworks at Town Pointe Park on July 4th in Norfolk. It was a gorgeous night for being outside along the river. It is too bad that our granddaughter, Cassie, couldn't be with us, because that might have made it perfect for Roger. I know he misses his daughter and granddaughter at times like this, but we are finding joy and happiness in our little family here as well. I look forward to spending more time with my granddaughter as that will be fun. She is an extremely smart and funny little girl. And, she knows the tricks to getting her way! Poor Elise, I feel for you! It is amazing the changes I have seen in Cassie since December when I first met her. I knew then that I would be her grandma and have been building on that relationship for since then. I like to send little treats when I can (which isn't very often). I am also working on a relationship with Elise. She designed the wedding invitations which are fabulous. I am very impressed. She obviously worked hard on them. I suspect she did them mostly for her dad, but am glad to be part of it anyway. I may not have much influence on Elise's life, but I am amazed at her parenting ability. She did have a good role model in her dad, that I know for sure. A job, school and a daughter make for a busy life for Elise, and she makes time to spend with Mike and to call her dad often. I admire that in Elise. I look forward to getting to know Elise better in the upcoming years and years. I am fortunate to be a Skophammer and am excited to be part of this wonderful family for the rest of my life. Lucky me!!

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