Wednesday, July 25, 2007


It's only 2 weeks until I am done at Dr. Kerner's office and on my way to Minnesota for the wedding. I cannot tell you how excited I am for these changes in my life. I eagerly await the ability to focus all my time and energy on school. Even my research assistantship will benefit my own schooling career. I will learn how to research which will give me a leg up on my thesis.

In talking with Roger yesterday about thesis options using film and literature, his immediate reply was to do my thesis on Harry Potter. We saw the movie a few weeks ago and Roger is trying to read the new book while still teaching and maintaining office hours. I think he would like to take the day off and read the whole way through. We also discussed Jane Austen. In looking at movie adaptations of Jane Austen novels, we agreed that her privileged status and aristocratic attitudes come through even in the movies. There is no question that Jane Austen had no clue what it was like to live as a commoner. Maybe a thesis which challenges Jane Austen as a writer which transcends time and societal position using movies would be interesting. I am not a huge fan of Jane Austen which I think would both aid and inhibit my research. I have barely begun my program and am already finding difficulty in deciding the end. I guess this was meant to be.

The WEDDING is coming up in three weeks. I am excited to see friends and family which I haven't seen for a long time. I also look forward to introducing Roger to everyone. I know they will immediately see how special he is and how lucky I am. We are planning to camp to and from Minnesota. We will see how that works. Ask my Dad and Nikki how much I liked camping to New York. I wrecked Nikki's beloved saucepan and slept in the car. I am sure it will be different this time, right?

Life is short so Roger and I are enjoying whatever time we have together, between school and work. I wake up feeling so fortunate to have found my soul mate and will relish each minute I have with him. I believe there will be lots and lots of time together. See you all soon, I hope.

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