Monday, April 7, 2014

Thanks Boston (and Cambridge, too)

We are counting down to the last day in our home, Boston.  It is hard for me to leave this city.  I know it is better for our family and I am not second-guessing the move.  I love Boston and it will always feel like my home.

I’d like to take a few minutes to thank the city I have grown to love.

Thank you for four beautiful seasons.  I have not enjoyed spring and fall anywhere as much as I have enjoyed those two seasons in Boston.  Summer and winter are nice too.   All four seasons seem to be about the right length.  Just I got so sick of this winter, spring arrived!

Thank you for offering such rich history for free (or nearly free).  More than once, I enjoyed visiting Paul Revere’s home and the Old North Church.  I walked past meeting houses and churches older than the United States.  I love, love Faneuil Hall.  Even the sidewalks remind me that this city is old and full of the birth of our nation.

Thank you for Duck Tours, Trolley Tours, Charles River Boat Tours and so much more.  I have enjoyed trekking around town in vehicles that seem to defy the narrow, crowded streets of Boston.

Thank you Cambridge for giving us East End House, a wonderful community center with the BEST childcare center we could have found.  RT will grow with the foundation of love and learning that Roger and I will always remember, even if RT forgets.  We also love The Friendly Toast and the Curious George Shop. 

Thank you Boston sports.  Your hockey team invites the fervor in a vast array of fans, the like I’ve never seen.  The Celtics embrace past teammates like no other.  The Patriots bring teams that I like to the area and continue to lose when it counts.  And the Red Sox; oh, how I love Fenway Park, even in the pouring rain.  You reminded us that Boston is our f***ing city when we needed it.  You welcomed Neil Diamond whose live rendition of a city favorite “Sweet Caroline” brought cheers and joy when it was needed more than ever.  And you went from really worst to unbelievably first.  In an exceptional run with boys wearing beards playing their hearts out, not just for their World Series Rings (nice as they are), but for a city, a beloved city.  I have never seen a city need a championship like I did last October.  And I’ve never seen a city celebrate one like this either—that Duck Boat parade is something I will never forget.

Thank you Boston for simultaneously grieving with raw emotion and showing strength and resolve.  The Marathon Bombings shook this city in real way.  Thank you police, all forms, for resolving to catch the bombers whatever it took.  Thank you Governor Patrick (my new political crush/hero) for asking us to “shelter in place” for our safety; and thanks Boston for sheltering without complaint!  I have never felt as safe as I did those days last April.
Thank you for a mass transit system that worked for us.  It isn’t perfect, but we got where we needed to go.

Thank you for awesome places to eat.  And for Dunkin Donuts.

Thank you for wonderful parks and playgrounds for a growing toddler to explore and enjoy. 

Thank you for top-notch healthcare and wonderful caring doctors.

Thank you for Northeastern and CPS for a great job and a flexible view on how education should be administered.

Thank you work friends, some of whom I will miss terribly.  It is always great to work with great people!

Boston, a city where “Life is Good” the clothing store was started has truly shown me that life is good.

There are so many more places and people that I would like to thank, but in the end, Boston, thank you for welcoming me home.  I will miss you…so very much.

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