Thursday, November 28, 2013

Holiday Time

This is a strange year for our family for the holidays.  We won't be spending any of it with our family.  I am looking forward to quiet holidays, but will miss family.

We've made a conscious decision to cut down on the gifts.  We are buying very, very few gifts.  We are always spoiled by generous parents and family members.  RT is spoiled by everyone!  We are spending time.  Right now, we are watching Kinky Boots at the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade on TV.  I love that RT is dancing along with all the drag queens!!  Roger and RT are on the floor putting together the Charlie Brown Christmas puzzle for the hundredth time (or so) this week.  Brunch is in the oven.  This time is precious and so fleeting.

RT has changed so much since even August.  I want to enjoy every minute with him.  There are days when I am at work and ache to see him.  It is a strange feeling to love someone this much in this way.  Time is the most important thing we can give RT.

Soon we will be making our pumpkin pudding and jambalaya for our special Thanksgiving.  We have planned a couple outings this weekend, but very little real shopping.  Boston doesn't allow stores to open today, but we will not be at Target at 1 a.m. either.  Life without the frantic shopping for gifts is so nice this year!

So, it is.  The holidays are here.  I am excited and pensive thinking about family.  I am awaiting Santa's arrival at the parade, which still in my mind marks the beginning of the Christmas season.

I will be taking the holidays off from Facebook.  I need the break and to focus my time and energies elsewhere.  Don't be surprised if you receive a text or phone call out of the blue.

Happy Holidays to all we love and hold dear.  Happy holidays to all who just need the kindness.  I wish everyone my three favorite, peace and joy!

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