Thursday, March 21, 2013

Random Thoughts on a Snowy Spring Day

Today is officially the second day of spring, yet, as I look outside, I see snowflakes suspended in air.  It looks like a snow globe, beautiful.  However, my body and soul and mind are all ready for the real spring to show up.  I have put off giving myself a pedicure until I can wear sandals and almost all the polish is is taking too long.

I am not complaining; things could be much worse.  It could be below zero (Minot) or I could be worried about impending flooding (Fargo) or I could be worried about incredibly unseasonable snow (Richmond).  Now, I wish I could run out and play and catch snowflakes on my tongue; oh, to be a kid again.

Cupcakes have been calling my name.  I just can't seem to get away from them.  I relented and ate a delicious chocolate and peanut butter cupcake after lunch today.  It was a nice gift that perked up my brain, temporarily.  Now, I feel drowsy.  Coffee is calling me next.

RT was invited to his first friend birthday party in April.  He is growing up way too fast.  I have been pondering the gift he should bring.  How much does one spend on a classmate when he turns two?  I will likely find some puzzles and books across the street that will fit the bill.  Second birthday parties are a funny thing.

My parents will be visiting a week after RT turns two.  He's asked for a guitar.  He adore strumming the strings with his Dad.  I adore watching the two of them find their music together.  Our family is a lovely thing.

The Skophammer girls' Pinterest accounts have been filled with wedding pins and ideas.  I enjoy looking through the ideas and ways to save money or enjoy the outdoors even when the weather doesn't cooperate.  It reminds Roger and my wedding in Minnesota in August.  It was to be the perfect outdoor celebration at the Asian Botanical Gardens at Normandale.  It was in August, so it would be hot?  No?  Try a cold 60-something degree pouring down rainy day.  We made do and had a fun time.  I'd do it the same again, if given the chance.

Though, I have been thinking of a vow renewal for Roger and I with only RT in Hawaii sometime.  Perhaps.

Lately I have been seeking that thing that is mine.  Something that doesn't involve RT or even Roger.  It is eluding me.  Is it a craft?  Should I learn a foreign language?  Should I start training for the Boston Marathon...2020?  I will find it.  I am motivated, but limited.  What will my thing be?

I see a new wave of babies and children being introduced.  Couples are adopting.  Women are pregnant.  Co-workers have newborns.  I love kids and babies and the joy of it all.  Maybe I am noticing because it is spring.  Or, most likely, I am noticing because I no longer have a baby.  RT is not a baby anymore.

I have begun to understand that in life, happiness is the journey, the every day, the mundane, but not the end result of something that is not happy.  I like this joy in my life that I have found.  There will always be goals and trips and things we are eager to see, have and do, but the real joy in life, is life itself.  Simple. 

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elizabeth said...

Happy almost two to RT!
A lovely post.
Was looking at Henry and Gretchy the other day......
getting HUGE!