Sunday, February 10, 2013

Sickness and the Storm

We have had a pretty crappy couple of weeks in this house. We have all been sick.  I was treated for a sinus infection, then caught a cold. RT caught my cold times 10.  Roger had the cold and may now have a sinus infection.  We have been stuck in this house for 8 out of the last 10 days!  We were ready to get out, but then...

Here comes Nemo!  Yes the blizzard that shut down Massachusetts.  The transit was closed; the roads were closed; the State was closed!  It snowed nearly two feet.  Our road has been full of snow since Friday night.  We experienced hurricane force winds.  The snow is heavy and wet.  Our landlord was shoveling the roof bright and early yesterday morning.  He waited until later in the day to start the snowblower.  We walked in a small shoveled path to the corner market yesterday; yes, all three of us went to the market to just get out of the house!

RT is not a fan of snow.  I wonder if that will change next year.  Maybe we will try another outing to see if he likes it better today.

The Museum of Science is open today.  I thought about going, but the trains are still closed, so we have no way of getting there.  Oh, well.

We are all feeling better and ready to do something.  And the forecast for tomorrow?  Freezing rain...Oy!  Welcome to Wicked Boston!

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