Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Is It Spring, Yet?

I know I shouldn't complain.  We've only had one snowstorm, really.  And, it hasn't been that cold.  But, I am so ready for spring.  This past weekend we couldn't go to the Science Expo because it was too cold and windy and snowy.  Then, we couldn't take RT to the Museum of Science because it was just too cold, the wind chill was below zero.

I am thankful that it is better than if we had stayed in North Dakota.  Of course, if we had stayed there we would have a car, which would make outings somewhat easier.  All three of us would rather live here without a car than be back in Fargo. 

I try to get out at least once a day at work; whether to get lunch or groceries or run errands.  I work in a part that could be "Downtown Boston", though there are a few areas that could claim that.  I work across the street from the Prudential Building, which is older, but really interesting.  Within a couple blocks, I can get to Whole Foods, Trader Joe's, Shaws Supermarket, Dunkin Donuts, Au Bon Pain, The Body Shop, Lulumon, Godiva, Barnes and Noble and many, many other wonderful places (have I mentioned the cupcakes from Crumb?).  I can actually get a lot done on my lunch hour and I don't have to drive anywhere!

I was able to finally watch Skyfall!  Oh, how I love James Bond.  The film was pretty good and made Saturday a great day!

RT is bored at home.  Luckily his daycare has a great gym so he can run some of his wiggles out!  We set up our Wii, yesterday.  We found a game that belonged to Cassie in the machine.  Cassie brought it to our house a hear and a half ago.  I guess we haven't used the Wii in a long time!  We played "Let's Dance" and had a great time.  RT thought it was awesome to dance around with his parents.  He wanted the controller, though.  I guess we will need a third one, soon.

As I put on my socks today, I so wanted to wear sandals.  I cannot wait for the warm air and the ability to wear capri pants, skirts and NO socks.  Soon, I hope.

I won't complain.  Life is pretty good for us.  Actually, it is wicked awesome!  Now, when spring hits, it will be even better!

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