Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Rambling On and On

Today is one of those days where I am all over the place.  I just can’t seem to focus.

I did get a lot of work done and have been quite productive, but so much else is on my mind it is hard to concentrate.

Today is my Dad’s birthday…he read this so “Happy Birthday, Dad!”  I love birthdays.  I wish I could be there for birthday bowling with his friends, well, perhaps not.  Hopefully they have a great time!

Today, sadly, is also the anniversary of my Uncle Larry’s death.  Everybody loved Uncle Larry, including me.  It was so sad when he passed away.  I still feel sad and it has been a long time, 18 years, I think. 

So, I got to work today after taking RT to daycare quite early.  I was early enough to stop at Starbucks for a not so great Crème brulee latte.  I was productive into my lunch hour.  I left lunch late to run to the Prudential Center to walk around.  I found a store that I love!  Lulumon, which I had seen online, sells running and yoga gear.  I loved the store.  It was so inviting and nice.  And all the stuff was so soft.  I can’t wait until after Christmas when I can afford to buy some things for me!  I also enjoyed a walk through Sax Fifth Avenue and Lord & Taylor.  I felt so indulgent just walking around those stores!  I found a beautiful scarf for $600 and I probably won’t get that even after the holidays!

I returned to work to check Facebook and saw that my cousin Harvey’s wife Carey is in labor!  Yeah!  We have been waiting for baby Schneider to arrive.  I am so excited to have another baby in the family!  I cannot wait to see him or her on Christmas Day.  What a great holiday gift for the family, especially for Auntie, soon to be Grandma, Karen!

So, as I prepare to pickup RT from daycare I think, I can handle this single parent thing…for a couple days!  I am so lucky that I don’t usually have to parent without Roger.  I eagerly await Roger’s return from Orlando.  Hopefully, he enjoyed some time with our friend Pete. 

I guess I should get going.  I could ramble on and on…and on…

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