Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Settling Into Our Routine

RT and I are finding our routine. It is not easy. I am not a parent that likes to impose schedules on my child. I think we need to work together to find our rhythm and create our routine around that. It isn't easy. We've been working on normal naptimes and eating times. It is getting better. RT does not like to eat right away in the morning. He likes his bottle and a couple puffs, but no breakfast. He does, however, love lunch! It is the biggest meal of the day for him. He drinks enough formula to get all his nutrients and we are encouraging him to eat every meal, but sometimes he just doesn't.

Roger and I have always found it important to all sit together at the table for supper. It goes pretty well. RT is learning that he doesn't have to eat, but he needs to sit with us until we eat. With no TV, it is getting better. We do let him play with toys in his highchair. He likes to sit at the table, so we may need to look for a new kind of high chair, similar to those in restaurants, so he can eat off the table. He loves that. He is so good when we do eat out. Overall he is a great kid!

His naps are getting more regular. He has a late morning and a midafternoon nap. The length of the naps change, but he seems to be getting enough rest.

Nighttime is still difficult. He wakes up around 11:30 and 3:30. And then, and this is the toughest for me, he thinks 6 is time to get up! I am learning to go to sleep early so I can get up with him between 6 and 7. That is the toughest for me to work on.

We go to the gym 3 days a week and he goes to their child care. He seems to love that and they love him there, too. We also go to swimming lessons Thursday nights...I think those are his favorite nights! We do have family fit and fun day at the gym on Sunday mornings, as long as we get out the door by 9 or the pool is too crazy busy!

So, the house isn't immaculate, I don't always get a gourmet dinner on the table, and I haven't fixed my hair in weeks, but, RT is fed and happy, there is some dinner on the table, I have showered, and we can enjoy a couple hours each evening of family time. This routine does have its advantages!

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