Sunday, February 26, 2012

Snow Day

Today is one of those snowy days that look so beautiful from inside.

Auntie Nikki was here for the weekend. She and RT had a good time bonding. RT is such a flirt! We checked out the Home and Garden Show with Grandma and Grandpa, had Grandma Kristianson's yummy barbecues, and relaxed a bit yesterday. This morning, RT, Roger and I bundled up for brunch at Mom and Dad's with Nikki and a quick swim at the gym. The zero depth pool was much cooler than normal and RT needed a nap, so it was a short trip to the gym.

Ham and lentil soup is on the stove. Gluten-free brown seeded bread is in the breadmaker. There are three gluten free cupcakes left for dessert. And the snow is still falling...gently, now.

I hope Nikki's trip back was safe and uneventful. I hope the rest of our day is uneventful as well.

And, it is Oscar it!

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Anonymous said...

Nikki did make it home safe and sound. Dad will be here until Monday.