Sunday, January 15, 2012


We are in the middle of a wonderful three day weekend. We had a fairly lazy day yesterday, which is always the best kind of Saturday. Today we are having breakfast with Mom and Dad at the Cajun Cafe and doing a little shopping. And, we still have tomorrow off for the holiday. Last night, Roger, RT and I watched The Blind Side, which I really enjoyed. Roger and I had quick homemade chili and cornbread and some Ben & Jerry's for dessert. At one point I was watching the movie, RT was rolling around on the floor giggling, and I realized how much joy there is in my life! Once I cut out the drama of other people's lives, mine is darn good!

My cousin's daughter had a baby girl this past week. A friend from ODU is pregnant and due in July. Another friend from ODU just had a baby girl a couple weeks ago. One of my classmates had a baby girl three weeks ago. I have friends from Facebook, ODU and even an extremely shirt-tailed relative all waiting to have their babies. I'm not sure if it is because I have a wonderful baby, but I just love all the anticipation and the arrivals of all these babies! Often Roger and I look at RT and are just amazed that he is ours. I love that so many of my friends and family are able to experience this as well.

I suppose I should get some homework squeezed in while the boys are still asleep. Or, I could just get a piping hot cup of coffee from downstairs and enjoy that!

Happy Sunday, you all!

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