Sunday, August 21, 2011

New Chapter...Research Chapter

This evening the Rogers and I headed to Lindenwood Park for a picnic for my new program at NDSU. It was a nice evening, except for all the flies, and it was good to meet so many people. I was the only PhD student that attended, which is too bad. I met several students in the counseling department. It was fun to discuss different things, but I really missed talking about movies and other media. Oh well, it will come, I'm sure!

I purchased my books...UGH! I am not looking forward to Quantitative Research Methods, which uses statistics. It is definitely a different kind of research than I have experience with. I am hoping that with a little help from Roger, I can write this kind of research as well. I am really looking forward to my course in development from birth to adolescence. It was fun discussing with early, early childhood instructors my son's birth and development. I am looking forward to exploring differing perspectives in nurturing children.

Tomorrow is orientation for new grad students. I hope to see some of the people I met tonight and meet some others. It looks to be an interesting chapter in my life. And I look forward to that time when I will be Dr. Skophammer, too!

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