Sunday, July 10, 2011

Summertime Blues

I've been battling the blues for the past week or so. I have figured out a couple of causes, which will be remedied soon. There's still some hormonal issues that I deal with; those should subside soon. I adore spending time with my beautiful son, which makes me feel better every day.

I have been taking Zyrtec for my allergies for a couple years. I ran out last week and started taking some of Roger's Allegra. My allergies seemed to be helped. In talking with Roger about the Allegra, we remembered why I quit Allegra years ago; it makes me depressed and tired. It only took a few days of taking it to see these not so great side effects. I last took it yesterday morning and will see if stopping it makes a difference. I am so sensitive to medications.

Another problem is all this moving. Roger and I, well mainly Roger, have been packing up our apartment. We've also been helping move and unpack my parents in their new apartment. We still need to line up movers or a truck. And, we have our trip to Target Field to see the Twins and get back the night before we'll move. Ugh! I'm looking forward to getting into the new place, getting rid of this place and finding some normalcy...for a week or so before more events and travel take place. I love summer, but this one has been tough.

Today is a beautiful sunny day, but the temperature will creep up and it will be too hot to enjoy it much. Our window AC units don't cut it. But, we will get this place packed up!

Roger and I keep a close eye on my mood. We know the signs and symptoms of postpartum depression and so far I don't show signs of that, thankfully! But, if either of us are worried, we'll head directly to the doctor; we will not mess around with that.

Hopefully, we'll find the cure for these summertime blues soon. Perhaps margaritas on our patio in a couple weeks. Or, watching the Twins win with my loved ones!

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