Monday, May 9, 2011

Why Does a Great Celebration Always Seem to Bring Some Sadness?

I really want to know. I had a terrific time at Harvey's wedding. We had some great time at the hotel pool with Nikki and Jon, Mom and Dad and Cassie. We went to Karen's to have dinner with so many cousins and second cousins and third cousins! It was a great time to catch up and visit. It was in the 70s and sunny, a perfect day. We headed to the reception and dance and had so much fun. I enjoyed watching the kids dancing all over the place. I teared up a little when Harvey and Carey had their first dance, and a bit more when Harvey danced with Auntie Karen. It was such a special moment. Harvey looked handsome and Carey had a dress that was beautiful and suited her perfectly. The kids were so fun. Cassie made a friend in Carey's niece, Isabelle. They were inseparable all night. I did a little dancing. My mom's cousins wanted me out there all night, hoping to induce labor. I kept it relatively calm. It was an amazingly fun night.

We had Mother's Day breakfast before all us Schmids went home. I took a nap and watched mindless movies and TV all night. Yet, I just couldn't shake a mild sadness, melancholy, yesterday. We took a cousin picture and it reminded me that Grandpa is gone. I miss him terribly and he would have enjoyed last night so much. Roger has been missing his mom, too. We have so much joy in our lives, yet I feel like there are people missing that I want to share these joys with. And, last night, I heard my Grandma Schmid is in the hospital. She has advanced dementia and it brought back up that sadness. I had a great relationship with her and have missed her for a long time...

Harvey's wedding was such a joyous occasion. I will remember it fondly, forever. I'm sure the mild sadness will dissipate, but the happiness will go on.

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