Friday, April 29, 2011

Weather, Wedding and Plagiarism (yes again!)

The weather is so beautiful right now. I emphasize right now, because I think some nasty storm system is supposed to blow through. Roger and I had lunch and sat outside on a bench for a half hour or so in the sun. It was glorious! I love temperatures in the 60s with a hot sun!

Next Saturday is my cousin Harvey's wedding. He is marrying Carey, who is such a wonderful addition to our family. Harvey, Nikki and I grew up so close, almost like siblings. I just couldn't be happier that all three of us have found our "other" for the rest of our lives. And we all found good ones! I'm looking forward to Harvey and Carey's reception and dance. It will be fun to hang out with cousins, some I haven't seen for years. I have instructions for the baby to cooperate with this schedule...we'll see if he or she complies!

And, yes, I caught another student plagiarizing. It sucks! That's all.

So, I will enjoy the weather while I can, celebrate my close cousin Harvey's big day, and try to forget about the rest!

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