Thursday, April 21, 2011


I don't think I'm nesting, unless nesting means not wanting to leave my comfy bed! I like to be at home now. I'm working from home today before heading to the doctor's office. I like having that option on non-teaching days. I realize I am quite lucky to be able to work from home sometimes.

Roger has been nesting. He has spent weekends and free time rearranging furniture and cleaning. The baby area is pretty much ready. We are excited to get the changing table this weekend and get that set up. We have the clothes all washed and put away. I feel fairly ready. There are some things we still need to purchase, but there will always be things to buy! I'm hoping to pick a few things up tonight. Roger is hoping to find some deals at the penny sale at Happy Harry's on bottles of wine. We have our priorities!

I'm starting to anticipate the baby's arrival. I just can't wait to bring him or her home. I'm so excited to meet this baby in person!!

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