Thursday, March 31, 2011

Popping Out!

This baby has popped my belly out quite a bit in the last couple weeks. I've added four inches to my belly and gained four pounds. This is my first weight gain during this pregnancy. With the growth of my tummy comes increased discomfort. The Braxton Hicks are getting a bit more noticeable and I barely control my bladder. The baby still moves and kicks quite a bit. I feel comforted when I feel him or her move. The baby especially likes sugar. I don't indulge in sugary foods very often, especially with the diabetes, but sometimes I just want to feed that craving.

I bought the cutest onesie for the baby. It is blue with Pigpen from Peanuts and it says, "I blame it on my parents" which I assume refers to the stinky lines around the kid. I just loved it!

I still get to play grandma, too. I had an enjoyable time shopping for Spring/Easter stuff today. I also enjoyed an unexpected lunch with my mom. She's on her way to Nikki's to help prepare for my baby shower on Saturday. I am looking forward to that, too. I love presents and can't wait to get lots of stuff for this baby. He or she will most definitely be spoiled--rotten! I hope so. Babies are meant to be spoiled.

There are many puddles and problems all around town. I'm worried about the possibility of major flooding in town. I'm not ready to leave. I want to be here at home and I most definitely want to deliver the baby in Fargo...with my doctor and my doula. I'm selfish in this matter, I guess.

I'm getting more and more attention. It is strange. I kind of like to fade into the background. But, I had been feeling cheated that nobody could tell I'm pregnant. That's changed. I'm visibly pregnant now.

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